Aromatic Spice Bitter


Omrai Foods Aromatic Spice Bitters, Blend of Bab’s 15 special botanicals.

Omrai Foods Aromatic Spice Bitters are a blend of 15 special botanicals which add – FLAVOR – BALANCE – COMPLEXITY in just a few magical dashes. Our Homies and creative bartenders will love these exotic aromatic bitters. Just a few dashes adds an edge to your spirits. These are slow-crafted bitters macerated in wooden oak barrels and aged for several weeks to bring out the perfect flavor.


Ingredients: This is our unique blend of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, other Indian herbs, spices and roots.


Taste Notes: This bitter adds a spicy-bitter balance of Indian spices and herbs with a mild floral, softly earthy flavour of roots.


Application: Goes well with Whiskey sour, Old fashioned, Duchess, Gin & Tonics. Try with your old fashioned and classic cocktails !!


Handcrafted & Small Batched

Preserving legacy of Indian herbs and spices

Non- Alcoholic

Zero sugar

100 % Natural

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Omrai Foods Aromatic Spiced Bitters adds a layer of complexity & has a unique Sweet and bitter taste with clear hints of cinnamon and caramel. This bitter creates a wonderful layer of flavor and brings balance to drinks and food recipes in just a few magical dashes.


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