• Ingredients garnishes such as cinnamon, oranges, mandarin, grapefruit, pineapples, apple and lemon etc
  • Omrai Foods: 100% PURE: No Oils, No Added Aromas, No Added Flavours, No Artificial Essences, Just Pure and Natural. You can use these mix fruit slices in garnishing of cake, fruit punch, fruit tea, munching.

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Bettering agents are mix blend of herbs, earthy roots, botanical and spices. It is used to have perfect balance of flavor and taste in cocktail and mocktail and omrai bitters made the the same to revolutionizing the bitter in India as used in other country like US and other western country. Realy appreciate the aroma aroma and taste of Spice Bitter.

Raj Kumar Singh


Perfect balance of aroma, flavor and taste in Old Fashioned, Nigroni and Martini with Omrai Bitters. It also adds a depth of flavour to rum cocktails. Its complexity and layers of flavour also make it a culinary must-have ingredient. A perfect accompaniment to savoury sauces, seafood and chocolate.

Lokesh Kharbanda


Save time going to the grocery store or remembering to pick up your produce at a specific time and location. Delivery to your door is included!



Having produce delivered to your home or office on a set frequency is essential to obtaining the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Sandy Wilcke


Save time going to the grocery store or remembering to pick up your produce at a specific time and location. Delivery to your door is included!


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Mixology is the art and science of crafting cocktails. It involves the skillful blending of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients to create well-balanced and flavorful drinks. Mixologists, also known as bartenders, are responsible for creating cocktails that not only taste delicious but also have an appealing visual presentation. They often experiment with different spirits, liqueurs, juices, syrups, and garnishes to develop new and innovative drink recipes.